Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Garage Door Repair Due To Insects

A little insect infestation gave me a lot of trouble. Termites somehow made their way into my garage and started eating away at the wood. The termites made it all the way to the wood connected to the garage door track. Once they chewed through enough of that wood, the track became unattached slightly, and when I tried to open the garage door, the track was bent.

I was glad that the track didn't drop down completely, because if it did, the door would have came down with it and hit my car.

I called an exterminator to get rid of the termites, and then called a carpenter to repair the wood damage. As for the track, a garage door installation Austin company was able to take care of that. They laid down a new track in place of the old one.

Now that spring is around the corner, the bugs will be coming back. The exterminator placed a barrier around the outside of my home to prevent any more termites from coming back, but I'm still a little worried. I've taken the extra precaution of spraying a solution around the garage to keep anything from trying to start a home in the wood.

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